M-Series Version

Downloads are available as smaller software installers or full console restoration packages.

Software Download

This installer is for consoles running OS 3.50 (there is no reason to download the full OS to update from 3.50 to ) and Martin M-PC (Requirements)

M-PC requires very recent security improvements for Windows, please run a full Windows update before installing.

For questions and to troubleshoot any installer problems please join the user forum: forum.martin.com


Operating System Downloads

M-Series Operating Systems are provided as ZIP file.

Unzip them, then use the included M-Series OS tool to create a bootable USB stick. These are full recovery images and should always be kept with the console.

Installing the OS will delete all files on the USB stick and the console.


M-Series OS Downloads

Release Notes

3.60 (27/10/2016)

Includes Fixture Library 17-October-2016

Includes M-Series Manager

New Features

M-Series 3.60 changes the Universe licensing system and provides a free upgrade to all existing devices in the market.

Martin M-Series Consoles

Every new and existing M-Series console allows the maximum Universe count based on its processor when 3.60 is installed.

M6 - 64 Universes

M1 - 32 Universes

M2GO - 8 Universes


Martin M-PC

M-PC (Free) - 4 Universes with Martin USB devices (USB DMX, M-Touch, M-Play), Art-Net and sACN. Universe 1 with Enttec compatible devices

M-PC (Pro) - 64 Universes (requires Martin One Key)

M-PC (Ultimate) - 128 Universes (requires M-PC Pro)

Every M-PC is upgraded automatically to M-PC (Pro):

Martin M-PC Basic - 64 Universes

Martin M2PC - 64 Universes

Ether2DMX8 - 64 Universes



- M-Touch Firmware 2.06

- Text field in T-Bar window is now updated correctly

- Fixture profiles with modifiers but without mode are now loaded correctly (e.g. VL 1000)

- Added velocity option to M-Touch playbacks 11 through 20

- Under some circumstances, UPDATE window was not shown

- dot ENTER didn't work in some situations


3.52 (02/09/2016)

Includes Fixture Libray 24-08-2016

Includes M-Series Manager

New Features

- Replaced all command popups with new design

- Added M-Play support

- 2D plan now supports multipart fixtures

- 2d plan has many styles of fixture labels including Intensity readout

- Enhanced rendering of multipart fixtures in 2D layout

- 2D layout has selection filter for fixture master and sub parts

- Prevent stage blackout by delaying DMX output until show is loaded (requires firmware V3.42 included with this version)

- New F-key shortcuts added for double command keys (load/load etc)

- Added bank popups for subbanks

- M-PC adds wireless DMX support using lumenradio CRMX Nova TX USB (emulates Enttec device)


- Improved M-Touch fader accuracy and responsiveness (requires firmware V205 included with this version)

- Mouse/Trackball position synchronized on M1 and M6

- Improve performance of fixture color calculations for UI

- Add velocity option to submaster cuelist options

- Multipart fixtures no longer always allow seperate patch per part

- Added range select rules for multipart fixtures

- Show some status/progress while calculating conflicts

- Faster show loading speed

- Better handling of color channels with function linking

- Added space between conflict buttons to improve touch usability

- Updated user manual


- M-Touch 5x2 Playback Section mapping now matches M6 Playback Modules

- M-Touch shows correct LED playback feedback on 5x2 buttons

- Deleting groups in descending order now works correctly

- Fixed load group issue when holding load button

- Fixed issue where timezone was not saved correctly when doing shutdown

- LEDs are now correctly turned on when pressing the SELECT button

- Console file browser was not refreshing view after deleting a file

- Highlight Preset and Default Preset are now correctly reset after deleting all fixtures and reloading/continuing the show

- Highlight preset is reset to default for new show

- Group Group mask is now shown correctly in GUI

- Selection inversion with multipart fixtures now works correctly

- Dot enter command now works correctly

- Help screen popup size has been increased on M-PC

- Patch export to html has been fixed for auto-addressed multipatch fixtures

- RDM sensor value feedback now considers multipliers

- Corrected maximal value for Height/Length/Depth value selector in fixture type library editor

- Fixture Center now displays the correct intensity for fixtures

- Correctly handle the display name of fixtures with multiple similarly named personalities

- Correctly display VC-Grid modes in patch

- Item, tint and type color dialogs were not forced to front when activated

- Don't allow separate patch per part for all multipart fixtures

- Fixed automatic swap

- Solved CITP compatibility issue (PNam packet)

- Override Artnet Settings should not be hidden in Full Broadcast mode

- Fixed issues after restarting Codemeter service

- Fixed multiple selection issue when using gestures in patch view

- Fixed issue where wrong number of universes were displayed when returning from LIVE to FREE mode

- Fixed issue where playback number zero could appear under some circumstances

- Fixed possible infinite feedback loop when updating settings on remote device

- Frost channel on High End fixtures could get inverted

- Frost channeltype had incorrect parameter name

- Restored F-key playback bank selection

- Flash out on submaster had some issues that have been fixed

- Auto closing of popups no longer affects last recorded item labeling

- Dot fixtures now have labels in DMX i/o views

- EDIT PRESET now correctly selects multi-part fixtures

- Unassigned playback faders are no longer locked

- The color picker is now always connected to the selected fixture

- The Patch form is now displayed correctly when M-PC is running on multi-screen setups

- Cuelist assignment Timed option shown correctly

2D Plan

- Spread Vertical no longer creates odd result

- Items could disappear when moving them outside of the screen

- 2D Options and Layers no longer overlap

- Fixed 2D plan issue where align tool wouldn't save changes

- Fixed issue with ghost fixtures on 2D plan after loading different showfiles

- Fixed inconsistency in layer/properties settings in 2D stage layout

- Delete of stage layout objects wouldn't work after canceling a previous delete

- Fixed wrong ordering of objects in selection

- Deleted groups are now also removed from the 2d plan

Windows 10 support

- Some Windows 10 PCs didn't show DMX values and output

- Windows 10 update could corrupt the M-PC install in some cases



3.50.641 (23/12/2015)

New features

2D Plan

- supports multiple pages and layers with add, move, copy, delete commands

- layers can be locked to prevent editing

- live and edit mode

- live mode has intensity, color and pan tilt feedback in real time

- live mode supports fixture selection with box, lasso, line an path tool and by layer

- edit mode allows placement and alignment of fixtures with multiple tools

- support grid and object snapping, customizable grid spacing

- groups can be placed on 2D plan

- generic geometric shapes

- supports png background image up to 1920x1920 pixel

- transparency of background image can be adjusted

- custom background color

- multi touch gesture pinch to zoom and two finger pan

Windows 10 Support

- Drivers for M-Series USB devices, Martin One-Key

- Improved USB handling for M2GO/PC touch screen

- Pen and Touch support

New direct access and common parameter panels

- arrow icon to widen parameter flyup

- dockable widescreen parameter window (

- new FX controls

- new color and PT controls

- parameter popups can be toggled with icon on title bar or F-Key

- popups remember positions with showfile

- all popups automatically hide when they block other commands (like record)

- Cuelist Button Option: Flash Out

- Cuelist Option for Go Exit Link


Updated M-Series Manager 1.72.615

- System startup time reduced

- Show level and status for playbacks 11-20

- Load show should close menu

- Load show should reset patch to Universe 1

- Changing parameter group shouldn't change M-Touch mode from F-Key or Playback to Parameter control

- Revised FX values

- Added right click option for parameter groups for Load and Clear

- Auto Update Presets default can be disabled


- Patch: Adding new fixtures with THRU in command corrected

- Patch: Combination of add fixture wizard and commandline created wrong results

- Override Artnet Settings

- PT LED turns off while PT mode stays on during load show

- Fixture selection stays for a long time after update cue

- Main cuelist header not updated on slave console

- small touchscreen did not show calibration screen

- empty spaces in fixture name prevented saving it in fixture editor

- Can't delete F-Keys using the actual F-Keys on consoles

- Global Chase Rate [BPM] is not sent over Maxnet

- Delays on help page in docked version

- Flash Timing is not working properly

- Live output doesn't show numbering for intensity parts when the fixture has 5 parts or less

- Main cuelist state not always updated (refresh problem)

- F-keys for auto and mask groups

- Changing the universe of a stagebar crashed software

- Show backups are not created on some M-PC systems

- UPDATE PRESET does not clear fixture selection

- Channel condition modifying more than 1 channel doesn't update properly

- Main Cuelist Header not updated on Maxnet Slave

- RECORD CUE X THRU Y (click on playback fader) not working

- Presets don't display for a long time at show load or continue

- Color parts should qualify for virtual dimmer, even if there's a master part with an intensity channel

- Changing cuelist type doesn't change colors on M-Touch once position has changed until bank change

- Fixture types that have pan/tilt channels in sub fixtures corrupt the patch

- Assigning number 0 (zero) to a fixture cause the show file not to be loadable anymore

- Fixture types missing parameters in some shows

- Cloning sometimes maps multiple source channels to same target channels

- Issues with adding fixtures with explicit fixture ids but without address

- Using & character in a cue name causes unexpected issues

- Using flash timings on overrides causes freeze

- Library editor separates related parameters in subsequent channel groups

- Highlight doesn't apply properly to fine channels

- Cuelist Options: SELECT + GO doesn't work

- RESELECT on dot-fixtures selects all subparts instead of only the originally selected parts

- Editing and saving MAC 700 Profile in fixture Editor causes issue

- Q-Blender doing strange bumps in values

Fixture Library

- Includes new libraries as of 17.December 2015

- Deleted manufacturer RUSH, fixtures are moved to "Martin" and have prefix RUSH. Existing shows update automatically

- Updates to many fixtures for 2D layout and direct access support


3.44.604 (23/06/2015)

New features

M-PC can now be installed once and used in other user accounts (uninstall M-PC completely from PC in account of original installation, then reinstall to enable)

Note: M-Series Training files and layouts are now located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Maxxyz Files

M6 console is now enhanced to 8 Universes by default. Every M6 will add 4 Universes to its license count (maximum of 64)

Martin USB devices expand M-PC up to 4 Universes without requiring the Martin One-Key. (e.g. 2x M-Touch + 1x M-DMX)

Support for M-Touch (Device Settings in Menu, Firmware Uploader)

Velocity options for flash buttons (M-Touch)

Add brightness control for M-Touch LEDs

Timing options for flash buttons

Add support for new BEAT button

LED blinks on beat button

GOTO CUE option to trigger Cue Macro

Cuelist options F-Key

Internal timecode macros and F-keys

Multi-touch gesture support (Only M6 console or M-PC with multi-touch screens)

Add fixture type channel option to override master control behavior (like CMY)

Show fps for all incoming DMX streams

iOS 8 support for M-Series Remote app

Show keypad and playback faders on M-Remote (change orientation of device to show)

OSC support in M-Remote (enables keypad and command line in M-Remote)

Display the command line text on M-Remote



Cuelist options (from title bar) should keep the last selected source

User Interface performance (screen switching, Menus etc)

Steppy disappearance of the wide screen popups

Improved and shortened text labels throughout parameter channel strips

M2GO/M2PC LCD screen corruption (shift)

Color (CMY) channels following master control should be fixture type channel option

Default value for backup current show first needs to be on

Show an icon for user libraries in patch filter

Stay in context-mode when displaying cuelist popup

Save Show: delete name in 1 click

License feedback on command line (click LIVE for more info)

Ignore hidden (e.g. OSX) files when browsing

Playback Button "Multi-select" should not reset on page change

Default position of keypad

UI Controls close when entering patch and menu

M-PC can now be installed in one and used in other user accounts



Auto-address does not work correctly

Clear @ address command broken

User groups not updated correctly when deleting all member fixtures

Fan/FX + fanning values make them jump to 0 first

Missing buttons in profile editor

Incorrect programmer state when selecting multipart fixtures

Art-Net does not work anymore after using consoletester application

Joining a show where a Group Mask is Active has issues

DMX I/O input view needs to show any incoming DMX stream

Record Cue 1 Thru Enter (with Remove option) not working

Cloning option filters shows no text

Setting default preset breaks the network synchronization

DPI-message not readable on some DPI settings

Patching at illegal channel causes endless progress indicator

Clearing multi-patch reports false conflicts when patching to cleared addresses

PARK is not being forwarded over the network

Logging does not capture all messages

A random crash can occur when loading the statistics tab

Statistics not always refreshed

Playback halts when pressing SNAP+REL while MSC is enabled

Network show properties can be displayed incorrectly

CV toggle button does not switch to the correct mode

Delete/Edit action on F-Keys doesn't work

Swap details view shows wrong source fixture type information

Conditional selection commands broken

White flash appears when displaying a context popup

Renaming fixture in patch makes UPDATE LED blink

Swap fixture popup inconsistency

Clearing multi-patch reports false conflicts when patching to cleared addresses

Patch tool with multi-patch crashes command line

Timecode is wrongly stamped into the last cue

Docked timecode control keeps painting when not visible on screenview

Selected fixture state wrong after patch

Conditional selection commands broken

Can't perform action with touch screen on some controls in Windows 8

RGB<->CMY color mapping alternates on "Fan Grouping"

Console crashes when creating the first FX macro

Incomplete command line after fixture type selection

UPDATE cue not working when in Master-Slave mode and clearing a fixture

Patch conflict wrong when repatching

Configuration data not fully synchronized on the UI when loading another show

Cloning/delete/adding fixtures locks command line

PATCH to different universe ignored

Not all patch data removed when creating new show

DMX conflict error when providing universe

System seems to hang when copying a fixture to a non-existing fixture

Button touch on a popup sometimes results in a touch on control behind the popup on Windows 7

UPDATE command/button should be disabled when in PATCH mode when no EDIT pending

"Release on go" and "auto-release" on multiple playback faders cause console lockup

Can't enter the same number 3 times on the virtual keypad on numeric up/down control

Control commands fail on multi-part fixtures if there's a gap between Ctrl channel and other Master's channels

Undo was not forwarded correctly over the network

Undo timeout of preset selection was too long, resulting in missed steps

Submaster Swop does not work over the network

Patch conflicts not detected when changing Universe

Possible Crash when using Save Show Function Key

Renumbering Cues no longer shows the various spread options

Cue Trigger Window on M6 was empty

Window positions could be shifted after using "continue show"


3.42.570 (14/11/2014)

This software is compatible with:

M6, M1, M2GO, M2PC, M-Series Modules, Maxxyz Compact, M-PC

User Interface

Revised parameter group pop-up to access all Base and FX parameter groups at once

Added mini pop-up to change parameter groups (use small group type square in status bar)

Revised some parameter control coloring for clarity

Improved Fanning Tool to be touch sensitive

Improved 16 bit control during fanning

Added dedicated FAN button (F-Key), hold down and move parameter belt for simple mirror in/out fan

Added labels to many icons


Fixture Selection

Created the "Fixture Center" to manage all fixture and group access

- adds dynamic auto groups

- one unified window contains fixtures, groups, masks, auto groups, selected fixture info

- added list views for more detailed information (e.g. fixture IDs inside Groups, patch info and more)

- added SLICE option for ranges of dot fixtures (selects complete range or selects dot fixture columns)

- multi part fixtures now have the master part in focus after a fixture selection

- multi cell fixtures create Virtual Fixture (e.g StageBar54 has a 5.0 fixture, which selects all cells)

- added Grouping tool pop-out with Masks mini directory



- Live Time shortcuts 0-60s


- Fan options (mirror, 2/3 point, Curve/Linear, Clear)

- CV options (FX Link, toggle, Absolute/Relative, Percent/Digital, Range Lock, Common Parameters)

- @ 0%



MAIN GO triggers Playback Button Multi-Select

Playback Button page can be stored with screen view

Added Grandmaster Flash options (Off,Blackout, Flash)

Added Grandmaster Fader disable option

Redesigned Chase BPM calculation for precise averaging of taps

Added dedicated BPM buttons to learn timings without executing chases

Added End Of Cuelist option for playbacks

- go to first cue

- stop on last cue

- release with GO

- auto release



Grandmaster and Highlight Presets are now synchronized over Maxnet devices



Added SWAP task list so several swap mappings can be collected and executed at once

Patch Highlight status now works on unpatched channels as a fixture finder, or can be used on any patched fixture in list or Universe view

Moved Collapse/Expand icons to the top

Improved patch and cloning processing

Multi Part fixtures can be renamed

Swapping fixtures keeps inversions


Bug Fixes and Improvements

- Overall speed improvements for low power processors

- DMX In is active immediately after startup

- Live Output parameter highlight is not cleared during show load

- Playback Button feedback is wrong if the cuelist is released from a macro

- Preset Group shows FX preset page

- Fixed Absolute/Relative control encoders

- Improved Group selection speed on touch screens

- Unpatched fixtures are clearly marked with diagonal line

- Update Update command did not syncronize across MaxNet every time

- ELO touch calibration improvements

- renamed display calibration options for better clarity

- resorted some menu items for consistency

- Foreign characters supported in Show and File Names

- Patch columns have wrong default size on M2Go

- MAIN GO no longer triggers multi select feature

- Sub Bank Function keys defective

- Can't load screenviews when networked

- MOVE UNIVERSE shows as multi-patch

- Numerical Keypad CLOSE button not working

- No popup shown when updating cue based on preset

- Updating preset contents doesnt refresh cuelist value screen

- Patch conflict wrong when repatching

- Patching at the end of a universe doesn't show conflict warnings

- Conflicts while addressing multipart fixtures not reported/handled properly

- Network slave does not show next cue in UI