Default Preset

The default preset (sometimes known as the Home preset), is the preset that defines the default values for all fixtures in the show. That is to say, the fixtures will be at these values when not active in the programmer, and there are no playbacks running.

Modifying Default Values

You can customize the default values for any fixture attribute by recording the desired levels to the “Defaults” preset on the Default preset page. (Changes to default values cannot be deleted or reset, but they can be re-recorded.)

Say, for example, that you would like to change the default value for the Mac Viper Profile CTC wheel to 100 percent because you simply can’t live another day without its CTC filter.

Default values for an attribute type (pan/tilt, color, etc.) can also be loaded into the Programmer - without clearing it first - through the command line as described below, using “0” as the preset number. For example, the command @ COLOR 0 ENTER loads the default color attributes for the selected fixtures.

To load all default values for the selected fixtures:

Selected fixtures (that are not under the control of a playback) can be loaded into the Programmer with all of their default attribute values by pressing Load Load or Load Enter.

Note that pressing Load Load or Load Enter when the fixtures are under the control of playbacks will load their onstage values into the programmer, This will be discussed more later in the Load chapter.