M-Touch Firmware Update

M-Touch Update Instructions


When is it needed?

It is vital that the firmware is always up to date to the current M-Series software that is running on your console or M-PC. Not every M-Series software upgrade requires an additional firmware update of your M-Touch control surface though. Please do not perform the firmware update during show time, as it stops running services in the software.


Firmware upgrade procedure

If new firmware is available, it will be copied in a folder on the hard drive or solid state drive on your console (or PC) when the M-series software is being installed.


Starting up the Firmware Update tool

• Start up your console or M-PC and Load/Continue a show

• Go into the menu, select the System tab and go to the Tools section

• In the bottom of the page, select the Diagnostic tab

• In the Tools section, click on Firmware update for M-Touch

A popup saying that all services are being stopped, will show up and the Firmware update for M-Touch tool is started. A message is shown that the device is not connected.


Connecting the M-Touch

To enable a firmware upload to your M-Touch control surface, it needs to be in bootloader mode.

• Disconnect the USB cable of the M-Touch from your Martin M-Series console or M-PC, if attached.

• Locate the small hole next to the USB connector on the right hand side of your M-Touch.

• Now carefully push the little button in the hole with a toothpick. With the button pressed, connect the M-Touch again with the USB cable to your Martin M-Series console or M-PC.

• If the GO led is light green your M-Touch control surface is now in bootloader mode and the Firmware update for M-Touch tool should show you the following:

Selecting the correct firmware

• Click on the Select Firmware button

• A browser window opens. Open the M-Touch folder and select the MTouch_vXXX.hex file, for the current firmware version. (XXX is the current version number).

• Click Open in the browser window

Updating the firmware

• Click on the Program M-Touch button.


• The new firmware will be installed automatically.

• When completed successfully, this message is shown

The firmware update is complete after a restart of the M-Touch. Please close the Firmware update tool, disconnect the M-Touch and reconnect. The control surface is now ready for use.