Commandline Reference


Below are some commonly used “shortcuts” or quick commands. Note: the “+” syntax means press and hold the first button.

Command Description

[.] [ENTER]

Selects all fixtures in the Programmer

[0] [ENTER]

Deselects all fixtures in the Programmer

[.] [0] [ENTER]

Grabs every patched fixture in the entire show and puts it into the Programmer


Goes to the specified cue in the specified time


Goes to the specified cue in time zero

[SNAP] + [REL]

Fades all fixtures to zero and then releases them from all playback controls in the specified time

[REL] + [SNAP]

Releases all attributes of all fixtures in all playback controls simultaneously


Loads all attributes of the active cue in the selected cuelist into the Programmer for editing


Records the contents of the Programmer into the next available whole numbered cue in the selected cuelist.



Loads the current output of all playbacks into the Programmer