DMX Input

The M-Series consoles allow incredibly advanced DMX input capabilities. Using the DMX input capabilities of the M-Series consoles, you can...

  • Add Submaster faders using a conventional console
  • Merge DMX data from another console
  • Assign fixtures or Cuelists to DMX channels and control them with an external DMX device
  • Precisely control Cuelists assigned to playback buttons, even sending them to specific cue numbers using only DMX values.

Assign a Virtual Input Port


In the DMX Routing tab, you have 16 Virtual Ports available. You can map a physical DMX Port on the back of the console or on an external USB DMX DUO Box to a virtual port. If you have any M-Series Modules connected to the console, the physical DMX Ports on the back will show up under "USB2DMX".

You must activate the port under the "Properties" section on the right before you can use it.

Set DMX Input Options

DMX Input values can be merged and captured, used for fixture or cuelist control or to remotely access the playback pages.


Set DMX Input Options

Remote Channel Mapping is useful when, on occasion, you don't have access to M-Series Modules. For example, you have a 24 Channel DMX Desk outputting DMX to Input Port 1 on the console, you can then map fixtures to the 24 channels so the dimmers of the 24 fixtures are available on the external console for control. This is a useful feature to control house/worklights both from a small dimmer board and from the main console.


A DMX channel can be mapped to a single fixture or multiple fixtures. It will control the intensity level of the fixture(s) assigned. Click a DMX input channel in the DMX Layout section, and then select which fixture(s) the DMX In Channel controls, by simply click fixtures to select them and click again to deselect them.


A Cuelist can also be assigned to a DMX Input channel. Click the desired input channel in the DMX Layout section, just as with assigning a fixture, then select the desired Cuelist(s).

DMX Input Value Cuelist Function
0>200 Fader level 0>200 (0>100%)
201>230 Safety (Buffer - No Function)
231>255 GO

Multiple Fixtures and or Cuelists may be assigned to the same Virtual Input port for control.

DMX IN Playback Control

The DMX IN Playback Control is used to remotely control the on screen playback buttons.

Select the input port and start address.

Channel Value Function
  1   Playback Page
1 Page 1
2 - 100 Page 2 - 100
2   Playback Button
1 Page 1
2 - 100 Page 2 - 100
3   Cue Number
1 Cue 1
2 - 255 Cue 2 - 255
4   Command
0 - 9 Idle
10 - 19 Go
20 - 29 Pause
30 - 39 Release